Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Integration à la Apache (Englisch blurb)

An important challenge for enterprises is to externalize internal services by providing APIs. The reason is that they want to provide access to internal data and processes to their partners and customers. Therefore they create APIs that are published as RESTful Services or Web Services. Often, there is no internal service that can simply be published as an API. In this case the service, which should be published as an API, must be created by an integration of a bunch of existing legacy systems. These systems, however, are very heterogeneous in terms of architecture, technology, and interfaces. Integration frameworks have to face this demands since they may disappear from market otherwise. The Apache Software Foundation hosts two popular projects targeting the integration space: Apache Camel and Apache Synapse. The aim of this article is to show the major communalities and differences of Camel und Synapse from our perspective.

Read the article (in German) to find out more…

Tobias Unger, Jochen Traunecker: Integration à la Apache. In: Java aktuell 4/2012, 23-29.

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